Registration for Yin Yoga Fall 2017
Yin Yoga is a slow paced class that focuses on gently stretching and rehabilitating the connective tissues that form our joints. It is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body; it is the flexibility of the joints, of the connective tissue. Athletes don’t retire because of muscle problems, they retire because of joint problems. Just as teeth are realigned with braces, likewise the tissues that form our joints can be safely and desirably “exercised” by gently stretching them in Yin Yoga poses.

To combat the natural aging process of tightening through the lower body and weakening through the upper body, Yin Yoga emphasizes stretching the connective tissues in the lower body while emphasizing muscular strength in the upper body. Yin Yoga encourages the use of props and is safe for all ages and fitness levels.

 Cancellations made prior to the start of the session: Payments made by credit card will be refunded minus a four percent fee.

No refunds are given after the first class has taken place.

Your payment for this class acknowledges that your have read and agree to the Release of Liability and Publicity Consent Clause.

Instructor: Jamie Busby



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