Registration for Adult Thursday Night Basketball Membership

This level of membership gives you the ability to play basketball during scheduled playing hours.  This level of membership DOES NOT give you access to the weight room. 

With this new policy, all basketball players that play during Lunchtime Basketball, Thursday Night Basketball or any other open gym hours MUST be either:

1.      A full Covenant Member of the Sports & Rec Center

2.      A full Associate Member of the Sports & Rec Center

3.      An Adult Basketball Member of the Sports & Rec Center

Below are the policy details:

The first night you come to play, we will take your photo. A membership card with your photo on it will be made that day and given to you.  Every registered player needs to bring their membership card with them each time they enter the building to play basketball. All you need to do is show the card to the front desk attendant before you enter the gym. Please DO NOT leave card at the front desk. Put it somewhere with your personal belongings to ensure you can find it the next week. If your card is lost, there will be a $5.00 replacement fee.         



o   Every Adult Basketball Member MUST register online each calendar year.

§  Registering online provides the Sports & Rec Center with all your pertinent contact information and medical information.

·         Medical Release

o   Every Adult Basketball Member MUST have a “Medical Release for Adults” on file with the Sports & Rec Center.

§  This form is completed during the online registration process.

·         Payment

o   Every Adult Basketball Member MUST complete the online payment.

§ Thursday Night Adult basketball memberships will cost $20 per year.


·         Membership Card

o   Once you register you will receive an Adult Basketball Membership card.

o   This membership card MUST be shown to the front desk employee/volunteer each time before entering the gym.

o   If you do not have your card, you will NOT be allowed to play.


o   There will be a lost card replacement fee of $5.

·         Guests

o   Every Adult Basketball Member is allowed a ONE TIME GUEST so the guest can see the level of play and determine if they would like to become an Adult Basketball Member.

o   The guest MUST complete the Sports & Rec Center Guest Form on their initial visit.

o   After their initial visit, the guest MUST become an Adult Basketball Member to continue playing.

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